The Annual International Paper Modelers Conventions

In 1997, Myles Mandell decided that the card modeling hobby needed a convention, and organized what he called, a little grandly at first, The First Annual International Paper Modelers Convention. This event has been repeated annually and it has grown into the title. As it turns out it is not the only such gathering, nor is it the oldest, and it's probably not the most international. However, those of us who participated in the first event didn't know of any others, and the name has stuck. It is the only such convention in North America and has drawn participants from much of the continent, as well as some from other countries.

6th Annual International Paper Modelers Convention

UPDATED The 2002 International Paper Modelers Convention will be held over the weekend of 25-27 October at the Dulles Days Hotel and Convention Center (rooms are only $59.00 for single or double on Friday and Saturday nights) in Herndon, VA (near Washington, DC and a free shuttle ride from Dulles International Airport). There is a registration fee of $10.00 and a 6 foot table costs $25.00. We will start with an ice breaker ($10.00 for sandwiches with a cash bar -- $15.00 for sandwiches w/o reservation) while we set up the tables of displays.  The Convention will be open to the general public (free admission) on Saturday (approximately 10 am until 5pm) and Sunday (approximately 10 am until 3pm) -- we will also sponsor a "make and take" on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday we will have a buffet ($25.00 with reservation and $30.00 at the door - cash bar) starting at 6pm and this will be followed by an auction of donated models to help fund next year's convention (so if you can't attend please send your donations and reservations to Peter Ansoff, 6353 8th Circle, Alexandria, VA 22312-1903 or send donations to H&B Precision Card Models, P.O. Box 8786, Reston, VA 20195).  Sunday between 9 and 10 am we will have our annual business meeting to discuss the site of next year's convention and how to improve on this year's convention.  BTW if you make your reservations and send payment before 1 September there is a 10 percent discount. So, for more details visit our website set up by Ed Schulman.

5th Annual International Paper Modelers Convention

The 2001 International Paper Modelers Convention will held over the weekend of 26-28 October in Herndon, VA, just to the west of Washington, DC. It will be held in the Dulles Days Hotel and Convention Center, 2200 Centerville Road, Herndon. The room rate is $84.00 per night for Friday and Saturday nights (ask for the Paper Model Convention rate). Reservations can be made by calling (703) 741-6700 or faxing (703) 742-8965. The hotel has a free shuttle from Dulles airport. If you fly into Baltimore or National, then you can take a commercial shuttle to Dulles and call from there for a free pickup.

4th Annual International Paper Modelers Convention

The 4th Annual International Paper Modelers Convention was held in Miamisburg, Ohio, USA, at the Dayton Mall Holiday Inn on Saturday, October 13, and Sunday, October 14, 2000.

3rd Annual International Paper Modelers Convention

The 3rd Annual International Paper Modelers Convention was held on October 2nd and 3rd, 1999, in Dayton, Ohio, USA. Many people took pictures:
NEW from Robert Tauxe <>: It was a grand convention - an absolutely unique experience to be in the company of so many enthusiasts for the paper modeling sport. For a solitary hobby, it has attracted some enormously sociable people. Meeting people was what this was really about for me. Myles Mandell and his wife , daughter and mother made us feel that getting off the elevator on the second floor was like stepping into their home. The displays of old, new and coming-to-a-dealer-near-you-soon models were wonderful, and the opportunity to see, discuss, and even (shudder) buy some of the real hard to find out of print bits was priceless.

Those who weren't there missed a great scene at the auction. Kell Black is too modest to mention it, but he has a natural borne talent for it. He kept the patter going and the models moving in a marvelously entertaining way - some of us missed the desert course out of sheer enthrallment. Cheers also to an unsung heroine - Kaye Meldrum donated the Spooner's Moving Animal Book to the auction (which sparked a fierce bidding war that I am happy to say I won) and then also she donated two other models - a huge paper clock and a Sagrada Familia Gaudi cathedral (That is Mahatma Gaudi - right?). Kaye, I nominate you for the "can't do enough of a good thing award" - your presence, taste in models, and incredible generosity was palpable.

On Sunday AM, Joe Bloom, Peter Visser, N Tauxe, Kell Black and myself wandered over to the US Air Force Museum, which has an enormous collection of hundreds and hundreds of planes from Curtis and Wright to the SR 71 Blackbird. This is great stuff for those who are into airplanes either as artifacts or simply as large technosculpture. If it flew for the military, they probably have one. As just a taste - parked outside was a wierd trimotor that I have never seen before, a C-125, that looks like it would make a better model than a real plane. (Here is a link to a photo.) Dayton has other attractions as well, including Orville Wright's mansion (model that, anyone?), an historic area in Centerville that was built 1800-1840, the Wright's cycle shop, and more.

There were lots of stimulating ideas at the convention. I clearly have a lot to learn in the mast and aerial department - the crisp and detailed rigging that the larger ships sported was a sight to behold. William Eville's motorized DC3 (and also a Constellation, I believe), and two little Fiddlers Green Gee Bees twirling around a racing pylon suggests a world of possible moving parts could be devised - and would there be a reason to try remote controlling any of them? I got some great ideas for how to pack up models for shipping from William Eville and Lou Dausse - and I would urge the convention next year to have a special display just for packing materials (had to spend a half hour gluing bits back together when I got home with my models). Bob Freidus collections of 19C family magazines and their models helps us appreciate the high tide of model making that swept over Europe then - sort of the equivalent of the Gameboy of the time, I suppose. Peter Visser capturing the significant Dutch architects of today in a series of charming modern architectural models; shows a building doesn't have to be old or historical to model it - just beautiful. All to be continued, better than ever, in the next millenium. Thanks to Myles and all for making it happen!

2nd Annual International Paper Modelers Convention

The 2nd Annual International Paper Modelers Convention was held on October 3rd and 4th, 1998, in Miamisburg, Ohio, USA. You can see pictures and descriptions of some of the models exhibited here. Moshe Lemer also took some pictures.

1st Annual International Paper Modelers Convention

The 1st Annual International Paper Modelers Convention was held in 1997 at Myles Mandell's home in Centerville, OH, USA. It was a modest gathering, and not really international. In fact, we were lucky to have interstate participation. But Myles is a man of vision, and he had plans to make it bigger.
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